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headshot14Like many people in my age bracket, I found myself navigating the world post-college with uncertainty, and a quickly shifting landscape. The Financial Crisis hit, I was loaded with debt, my “shoot for the moon” mentality sometimes lead to misunderstandings in the workplace, all the while getting caught up in FOMO from social media over-load.

Over the past few years, I’ve been writing about millennials, and synthesizing trends as a participant observer, and have gained a lot of insight while trying to enjoy the ride myself. Reach out if you want to collaborate on a project, need insight on this very large, and complicated (but not as much as you think) demographic.

Contact me if you would like observational research, insight, or some other idea to collaborate on.


me&babeAbout Me: I’m Rachel Gall, and I’m a freelance Graphic Designer, Toddler Mommy, and 7 years married to amazing GenX/Millennial husband. We live in Southern California. I’m a Bay Area Native, but I also spent many years in the Northwest. “So-Called Millennial” is included on Radio & TV Host Chelsea Krost’s Millennial Influencers.

I have many typical Millennial interests: I love tea, coffee, my Kindle Fire, hanging out with my friends, snacking, Instagram, Pinterest, healthy cooking, and working out. I also love playing with my toddler, and going to Disneyland. I love any conversation about cultural trends or philosophy.


Contributing articles:


How Life For Recent Grads Today Differs From A Decade Ago



Is there an official Millennial style?

Dressing Your Age: A Multi-Decade Conversation

Growing Up — And Out of Trends: How Style Evolves With Age

Kids as Status Symbols

Dear 19-year-old Self: You’re on Your Own

Participated in:


2015 Biennial of the Americas, Technology Boon or Bane? Round table discussion, Denver, CO

Interviewed in:

JARED KLEINERT’S #MillennialToWatch newsletter: How Are You an Exception to the Rule?  Jared Kleinert is a TED speaker, entrepreneur, and award-winning author named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial.”


Christmas Shopping 2014: Millennials Most Likely To Spend More On Holiday Shopping This Year


tumblr_static_sleek_logo Sleek Magazine:  What’s Behind SS15′s Obsession With Childhood?

Reviews on books and events:

PreparedU Project

Are #Millennials prepared for the Workforce? Join the discussion #PreparedU





101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone

The “Secrets” are out, you lucky 20somethings





They Don’t Teach Corporate in College (Third Edition) by Alexandra Levit

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: Mandatory Reading for #Millennials



9 thoughts on “About Me + Contact

  1. Rachel,

    I really like your nuanced take on generational differences and the plethora of articles criticizing “millennials.” Would love to set up a guest post or some kind of dialogue between your site and mine (recessiongrads.com). Let me know!

  2. Hey Rachel, I’m one of the Early Mamas on Facebook in the Writers group. I love your site and writing (I read a few posts!) Super impressive. I really like your voice. Just thought I would pop by and give some encouragement.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    My name is Bianca and I am a current college student. Your words ring so true regarding the financial crunch our generation is in. I recently decided to start blogging about it as well, hoping to provide financial tips and other pieces to brighten the day. I would so appreciate it if you would take a look and provide any comments or critique.
    Thank you!
    -Bianca B

  4. I was born in 1979, I felt stuck between Millennials and GenX. Then I read your article the Bubble and realized I share a lot with Millennials.
    I maybe an Xer but am drawn to Millennials. Any thoughts?

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