Trolling on the Floor Laughing: Millennials and Comedy


This article on millennial humor is hilarious. And I would know because I am a millennial.

-“According to Megan Krtek, author of the article “Millennials and Comedy: 5 Brands Getting it Right,” Millennials like humor that feels natural and authentic. They’re put-off by humor that seems like it’s trying too hard.”

-“They’re comfortable with uncomfortable truths.”

-“Additionally, Chanon Cook, a research executive for Comedy Central, asserts that Millenials tend to value absurd comedy over sarcastic comedy.”

-“…the next time you want to try to make a Millennial laugh, act natural, try and make them uncomfortable, or be absurd. One of the three should do the trick.”

-“Millennials have been called “pragmatic idealists.” Perhaps an unexpected result of pragmatism is how it’s shaping millennials’ sense of humor. Millennials seem to prefer to use self-deprecating, and post-ironic humor.”

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Julie Bollinger

The story of “Ruth Ann” that I posted a few weeks ago served as a general introduction to Millennials. Since I know how physically taxing it is to scroll down to my previous post, l’ll do a quick recap of the basic anatomy of a millennial right here, right now.

Previously on this blog. . .

It was revealed that Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000 who tend to be. . .

  • Liberal
  • Narcissistic*
  • Well-educated
  • Non-religious
  • Technologically savvy
  • Diverse
  • Facing difficult economic circumstances

*Whether or not Millennials are actually narcissistic is hotly contested. Most Baby Boomers and Silents would seem to think so, but Kanye West would probably consider our normalization of the selfie to be “art” in the truest sense.  Who do we trust? Personally, my vote is for Kanye.  Because, really, what do millions of people that have been living on this earth for more than 50…

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