Love, Haters and Hipsters: The Irony of Being A Millennial

Why are millennials “entitled”? Though I believe there is some truth to the myth, this post sums up the whole context of the “why”. Love this: “Given what some would call their coddled upbringing, it stands to reason that they entered the “real world” in a state of fantasy – believing in their infinite value and the world has been waiting on pins and needles for them to com share their specialness.” & the idea of not being “worker bees” by creating “option C”. Also this: “They Instagram their exploration of the world – like a virtual refrigerator filled with art class projects”

I can relate with the post, as my entire adulthood life has unfolded alongside all of these trends. Sometimes in the workplace, I felt an attitude from older coworkers of “why do you think you deserve better?” I think #1 literally everything that I’ve ever heard my whole life (a tampons ad in a magazine once told me I was SETTLING in life #2 uhm, the world sort of sucks for me, at least economically, and as far as the job market… so, I’m confused by the question?

I think the strength millennials bring to the table is empowerment, they want to make things better and believe they can. The dark side of that is entitlement, and I have seen that too. The rant in the article mentioned in this post is an honest emotional reaction, but not the whole story. I think it’s a result of millennials who have not had their bubble popped yet…. it takes longer for some and it does end up just being raw entitlement, but sometimes it’s just simple workplace faux pas, and lack of experience. Given the circumstances millennials have inherited, I think there is a realization that we can’t harbor entitled attitudes, even if we wanted to. So we have to snap out of it, either by being creative in finding better options, or by growing up a bit. Usually both!

The Narcissistic (American) Anthropologist


I have officially decided that I’ve  spent too much time commenting on a recent Facebook thread started in the last day  by fellow bloggers Eve Kerrigan, Rachel Gall and Anna Akbari, about a recent article on Millennials called  “Generation Wuss” by Vanity Fair’s Bret Easton Ellis.

I am, however, compelled to share and express my very “special” point of view in a blog post.  No, I’m not an “entitled millennial”,  just a Narcissistic Anthropologist who needs a fix.   Also as someone who has been studying, marketing and helping  to develop brands and products for Millennials since before they were even getting their first driver’s licenses  – I have a point of view on the topic.

I honestly say that I feel a great deal of empathy for this cohort who has been the object of intense scrutiny and marketing-targeting since they started getting an allowance.  They…

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One thought on “Love, Haters and Hipsters: The Irony of Being A Millennial

  1. Wow, that Vanity Fair article was a waste of time. It seems pretty bizarre to come up with generalizations about all people born between 1982 and 2000. Guess he doesn’t have anything better to do.

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