Design Love Fest + Bri Emery (and Baby Z…)

It’s been a little while since I did a “Things I Like” post which is basically an excuse to showcase things I like, and also things that I think represent millennial sensibilities.

I may be late in discovering Bri Emery founder of the lifestyle blog Design Love Fest as she has quite the pedigree already. I’ve been following her blog and Instagram for a couple months now and love her creative work, especially the bright and eclectic color pallet she uses in most of her creations.

 photo aboutpic_zps274091bc.jpg

Bri Emery is an art director and the Los Angeles-based founder and editor of designlovefest, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining and more.

 photo flyer-copy_zps4fd8189b.jpg

Design a better blog by attending Bri Emery’s BlogShop workshop. Attend from home or in person. It’s “photoshop bootcamp” for bloggers.

Here is today’s post from Design Love Fest called 9 Places I’d Like to Travel To that I found visually inspiring. Take a look:

1) i’d like to take a dip in the blue lagoon in iceland…

2) have a candlelit dinner with this view in greece…

3) take a long bicycle ride with flowers in my basket around amsterdam…

 4) lounge by the pool, sipping cocktails in morocco

 5) check in to a bungalow over this magical water in bora bora…

6) paris never gets old. i’d like to sit here, eat chocolate croissants and chat with a friend…

 7) wave hello to someone from my magic mountain window in chile…

 8) take a colorful ice cream break in tokyo…

9) sip baileys & get cozy in the middle of nowhere with my guy…

My favorite is the photo of the ice cream cones in Tokyo. I also love all of these locations, but If I had to choose I would go with bike ride + Amsterdam or Paris + croissants. The last photo appealing too as it reminds me of my Alaskan husband 🙂

Be sure to check out Design Love Fest!!

Baby Update

By the way, my posts may be scarce in the next few weeks because if you have been reading So-Called Millennial for a while, you may remember that I announced I was pregnant with my second child a while ago. Well, his due date came and went, and I now have an 8-day -old on my hands (along with my 3-year-old son). I know it sounds like it should be overwhelming, but I’m kind of smitten. It helps that Southern California is probably the best place to raise small kids because the weather is polar-vortex free with temperatures in the low to high 70s (since January!)

Anyway, meet my son we’ll just call “Baby Z” for the sake of privacy. “Z” does not stand for Generation Z, although that is probably the generation he will be categorized in. “Z” does represent his actual name 🙂 (I’m obsessed with this generational stuff, but not that obsessed.)



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