Millennials: Trust No One But Twitter

    It’s pretty nifty I can just “reblog” articles from TIME since they are powered by WordPress. Very convenient. Here are a few points from the article by Peggy Drexler:

-Millennials are wary of institutions, and “The Man.”

-But interestingly they put trust in opinions of total strangers on Twitter, etc.

-Institutions scrambling to restore millennial goodwill.
Peggy Drexler: “And conversation, of course, is healthy. At the same time, social media-obsessed millennials may be suffering at the hands of their own connectedness. A Pew report found that while this age group has more tools to acquire the information they need to make decisions than any generation before them, they retain less of that information in the long run. They may also develop unrealistic expectations of their power to change things. After all: Already, in an attempt to circumvent millennial disdain, many institutions and corporations have started to recruit millennial advocates to speak on their behalf.”

Speaking of unrealistic expectations on how to change things, see my post Yes young people are narcissists. No it is not a good thing.

Conclusion: “The Man” is dead… long live “The Millennials” except we have no idea how to use our power. For now perhaps that is a good thing until millennials grow up a little bit and start un-wiki-twitter-googling their brains 🙂 Until then “the cloud” is the limit.

Check out the original TIME Magazine article below.

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