Are #Millennials prepared for the Workforce? Join the discussion #PreparedU

It’s a question that’s been eluded to, or downright called-out in headlines over the last few years. Since 2008 the economy and business world have been reeling from the financial meltdown and trying to find stability. On top of that a new batch of college grads called millennials started to enter the workforce, and were stereotyped as entitled, and clueless.

Bentley University has recognized a need to examine the disconnect between millennials and the modern business world, and recently released the findings of an in-depth study. Take a look at the findings of the study here. As a millennial I found the conclusions compelling and accurate to my own post-college experience in the workplace.

Tune in at 2pm ET, live from the headquarters of Bloomberg Media in New York. A cross-generational panel (yes, millennials will be represented by speaker & author David Burstein!) will dig into the findings of the millennial preparedness study. You’re invited to tune-in and tweet in using #PreparedU.

Whether you’re in the business or higher education world, a student, recent college grad, or parent– you don’t want to miss this discussion. As Bentley University President Gloria Cordes Larson says “nothing less than the fate of a generation and our economy depends on it.”

2 thoughts on “Are #Millennials prepared for the Workforce? Join the discussion #PreparedU

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