September 4: Poppy Haus

poppy hausI realized I haven’t done a “Day to Day” post in quite some time (which is basically a category for “stuff this millennial likes”). And since I can’t stop looking at the blog Poppy Haus, or repinning all their pins on Pinterest, I thought to myself “I must like this, and will be sure to post on it.” Also, I apologize once again for another “girly” interest, I cannot help it.

I wrote a while ago about how I love blogs for the fresh perspectives they often have, and Poppy Haus is no exception. The founder of the blog is Heather Jennings, who is a mother of two boys, and former children’s clothing designer for Jasper Hearts Wren. She describes her blog as “modern homestead featuring original DIY content, recipes, and musings on parenthood.”

A couple things about the blog stood out to me right away. Firstly, it’s completely original. The founder/designer/curator has a cohesive style that’s easy and fresh. The recipes, for example, have just enough familiarity to invite you in, but a fresh spin to refresh the entire recipe. For examples, I love tamales, but have never thought to make Chipotle Butternut Tamales. And remember those bead projects you used to do as a kid with Perler beads? Apparently grown ups can use them too to make beautiful Perler Bead Bowls.


Ok, so secondly I noticed on top of the originality factor, it’s also amazingly simple. I hate it when a recipe includes an ingredient you feel you have to climb the Mountains of Tibet to procure. Or when a “simple craft” turns into a weeks long endeavor. The site includes beautifully simple projects like (a recipe I intend to try) Jammers, which is basically a simple heart-shaped biscuit/cookie with jam on it. A perfect alternative to cookies. Or 5-ingredient Homemade Playdough, made with things you already have in your pantry. The first rule of good design is KISS: keep it simple stupid, which is one of my favorite design principles to see at work.


Whether you’re a mom like me, a lover of DIY, or you’re a twenty-something trying house a home for the first time, check out ways to improve your daily lifestyle at Poppy Haus. And follow them on Twitter at @PoppyHausBlog.

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