Tired of public scrutiny, Millennials turn to more “private” mobile platforms

I’m out on the road, as I mentioned in another post, but still have those so-called millennials on my mind. I’ve been especially interested in understanding “younger” millennials (under age 22) to a greater degree. This articles talks about a recent attitude shift towards social media. Younger millennials prefer a more “intimate” than “public” social media experience.
“Direct user-to-user platforms like Snapchat could very well represent the latest incarnation of direct-to-customer marketing, with endless customization possibilities. It’s all about the intimate—not necessarily public—relationship between successful businesses and their loyal customers.”
A friend around my age who works at a youth outreach programs for teens said he noticed this trend a while ago, of teens using Snapchat more than Facebook. Interesting to see that the numbers do indeed indicate that trend!
It makes sense. As an older millennial I’ve been part of the public platform of Facebook for the better part of a decade now. At some point you start to wonder what it was like to have privacy. Take a look at the post. It’s a very interesting trend that makes a lot of sense to me.

Gen Y Job Love

The youngest of the Millennials (those still in their teens and early twenties) may be abandoning “social media,” for more private, intimate connections with friends and family. At least, that’s what’s suggested by the ascending all-star status of Snapchat, a mobile app that allows users to send private pictures to one another that self-destruct within ten seconds.

In spite of older mobile users’ (those 25 and older) relative unfamiliarity with the platform, Snapchat has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame since its initial release in September 2011. In less than two years, the home-grown app—founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy programmed and launched the app in Spiegel’s father’s living room—counts more than 200 million shares a day, a majority of which come from users in the 13 – 24 age range, according to Wikipeida.

So, what’s the reason for this shift in user preference? According to marketers, the waning…

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2 thoughts on “Tired of public scrutiny, Millennials turn to more “private” mobile platforms

  1. We have noticed the change as well. Though is should not surprise us since FB has been around for years now and these seem to happen where generations shift. I still remember collegeclub, myspace and now FB. Snapchat and things like ooVoo seem to be what the new generation likes for NOW.

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