May 29: Blogs. Why I love them.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how many blogs I love & follow. Our conversation progressed into talking about small businesses, and websites like where you can buy “all things handmade”. My friend said that it’s like we’re experiencing the freedom of business that hasn’t been experienced since the pre-industrialized age. I thought this was not too grand of a statement, but rather true. It’s like there has been a rebirth of the local (er, glocal?) artisan.

Along with sites like Etsy, what I love about blogs is that it’s like being part of an online “village.” A butcher, baker, candlestick maker sort of thing. Bloggers are real people, with real thoughts, real hobbies, and real perspectives. I think on the blogosphere you have the relationship of an acquaintance or neighbor, but the quality of an expert.

I encourage all my friends to have blogs because chances are they have a hobby, perspective or interest that is worth sharing!

Some of my favorite blogs: This blogger remakes throw-away clothes from thrift stores into fashionable pieces. If you’re a seamstress follow this blog! (She has been featured on Rachael Ray Show)

100 Days of Real Food: This blog is now famous and has also been featured on many media outlets. I’ve blogged about specific recipes I like, and it’s a great blog to check out if you’re slowly trying to improve the food you eat.

Kendi Everyday: This one is famous! I love her easy style, and have dubbed it millennial style. It’s fun, casual, vintage, and colorful. And she shows you where she got each clothing item.

The Narcissistic Anthropologist: “Someone has to notice” is the catchphrase of the blog, and if you consider yourself a student of culture, and human nature this is the blog to follow! It has interesting observations in every post (and it’s updated often!). If you’re looking to add a village anthropologist/socio-cultural observer your blogosphere, this is it! Oh, and you can catch a post or 2 of mine about millennials on there as well.

In Media Res: I thought I would use her own words, since she’s good at writing them:“News analysis site centric on politics, social justice, culture & the arts. Oftentimes with commentary through the lens of gender, race, and class. I do not have many talents, but I could write you a good lede. Beware of creative splurges. Constantly updated blog, and great observations.

Entitled Millennial: Another blogger of millennials who has great observations, and is tuned into how millennials are growing and changing as a generation. He is especially focused on how a generation of “entitled” individuals is faring in a world where there is no room for it. One of my favorite posts: “We do not struggle, but we do have a voice.

White Mom Blog: Yep, she’s white. She’s a mom. And she blogs. It’s a great ongoing conversation about race, and recognizing the struggles, and subtle racial oppression that still exists. And how as white people, we need to take notice!

Broke Millennial: I know “broke” & “millennial” seems redundant, but this blogger shows that it does not have to be. She blogs about how to make the best of being a young person in this economy AND in NYC. (If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, right?!) She also shows the light at the end of the tunnel with posts like “Confession: I avoided the millennial curse” (of debt). Great tips and advice if you’re in your twenties and are looking to have a life, without spending your money away!

I made these for my son’s friend’s birthday party. Thanks Sweet Sugar Belle!

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle: My hidden talent is making sugar cookies that I have developed thanks to this blog. She is a sugar cookie artist. Amazing work! Check it out for fun, and maybe try the sugar cookie & royal icing recipe if you never have. It’s more like creating art than baking.


What are some of your favorite blogs? I’m always looking for more to add so let me know!

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