Thoughts from this side of parenthood #HMD

Happy Mother’s Day #HMD. Here are some thoughts on parenthood, and managing my little crazy man.

1. You get smarter. Sure, college broadened my interests in various subjects, and helped me to grow in my chosen field of study. Being married has taught me how to live in-tune with another complex human being. But being a mom has helped me organize, and problem-solve faster than I could before. When you have a little ball of chaos constantly threatening order you learn to identify the key factors, take variables into account, and execute more quickly. It’s like I can divide how many hours of running errands  by how many stops, and arrive to a perfect number of diapers, crackers, and fruit snacks to put in my purse.


We forgot his coat on our drive back from visiting family at Christmas. It was freezing in the morning,but luckily we had a spare monkey costume for the road.

2. Find friends who love being a parent. I actually haven’t run into many people who don’t like being a parent, but I’m just sayin’ find the ones who really enjoy it. I talked with a couple I ran into in Santa Monica a while ago with two sons. One parent said to me “It’s just awesome, isn’t it? We love it.” I paused for a second, sort of surprised by the spontaneous candor, and replied “Yea, it really is, actually.” It made me feel good to see other parents taking their parenting experience seriously, and also enjoying it. I also have a couple friends I hang out with often who have kids around my sons age. The more you see other parents enjoying the ride, and sharing the bumps along the way, the more you’re able to enjoy it as well. Plus, your kid will make friends too, and there is nothing cuter than your little kid’s “buddies.”
One of his aforementioned “buddies”. Trying to give hug…
3. Still be you. Having a kid will change your life. It will change the amount you have of the following: time, emotional energy, physical energy, money, to name a few. I think before you’re a parent you fear an identity crisis, but really it’s not the end of the world (or you), just time to re-route. I think there is a fear that you might just not be the “parenting type” whatever that is.
If you’re a creative type you might be scared that your inspiration will suffer from lack of time or too much regimented living (which is required when you have a kid). Find inspiration from your kid. Sure you have to have a bedtime routine, but you also have a crazy uninhibited little muse on your hands now. Who knows what they’ll do!
If you’re a planner plan plan plan to the smallest detail in order to get a good grasp on the parenting thing. Having a kid is chaotic but it doesn’t mean you can’t give up a sense of functionality. In fact, kids thrive on structure. Even if they are constantly trying to prove otherwise by coloring with your lipstick all over the couch.
If you’re a creature of comfort find ways to help your kids get energy out as you recharge your natural zen state. They may need to climb up and go down a slide like 80 times, but at the end of the day you’re the one to hold with them as they go to sleep. I think gentleness and patience are totally underrated parenting qualities.
If you’ve diagnosed yourself as ADHD, or are an adrenaline-junkie you may find in your kids the only people in your life that have the same level of energy that you do. Of course you can’t go skydiving or extreme rock-climbing with them, but they may surprise you with the level of ridiculousness they have sans-adrenaline. Just make sure to get the basics down of child-raising: food, diaper changes, doctor appointments, bed time, bath time. And, of course, make sure the kids are safe at all times.
Not an Eeyore type of kid.
4. Finally, find a VCR (or VHS-player as I weirdly call in now) at a thrift store. Kids have a high capacity to watch Disney movies repeatedly. They don’t care if it’s on Blu-Ray flatscreen or a small old-fashioned television set. Save you’re money and collect VHS tapes from garage sales. I have a huge collection of classic Disney movies, all on video. Very, very handy.
Only missing Pocahontas & Aristocats, I think.
I know “2.5 kids” is included in the American Dream, and it’s not for everyone. But I hope for millennials, that they won’t gloss over the having kids part of the dream. It’s kind of awesome, actually.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts from this side of parenthood #HMD

  1. Happy Mothers Day Rachel (with 11 minutes to spare)!

    I love the little tip about the VCR, that’s a clever way of saving money cause Blu-Rays are still pretty expensive. What was your favorite Disney movie growing up? Because if there is one thing a parent should pass down to their child it’s a favorite Disney movie.

  2. Love it Rachel! This was really great. I love the pictures of your little one! SOOOO adorable. Great tips. I probably won’t have children for awhile, but definitely will remember these for when I have my own. 🙂 Happy belated Mother’s Day.

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