February 21: Neon

My sandals.
Image Source: oldnavy.com

It’s a rather overcast and drab day today in Southern California, but luckily my new sandals are bright enough to light up my day. I bought white and neon yellow sandals at Old Navy a few weeks ago with a gift card I got at Christmas. Although neon has been popular for a while now, it has recently started to grow on me.

I was at the park with a friend, and fellow mom, the other day. As we were watching our toddlers run amok she complimented my sandals, and mentioned her obsession with neon as of late. We were also musing over how easily brainwashed we are as soon as new styles come out. A few years ago, I would have rejected any neon as too 80s, and now it’s a must-have. My friend is a year younger than me, so as Millennials, our only experience with neon was in late 80s, and very early 90s. My resume of neon thus far includes: clothes my mom dressed me in as a kid, friendships bracelets in elementary school, neon sprayed hair at Halloween through high school, and neon high-lighters in college.

It’s sort of rebelliously exciting to sport ridiculously bright colors, and say goodbye to my ill-spent, muted-color youth of the late-90s and early-2000s.

If you’re having a drab day, enjoy the these pops of neon:


One thought on “February 21: Neon

  1. Not a big fan of the neon colors. The yellow neon color was something that never caught my eye, my fav color is yellow, but not the new neon-y green yellow that’s coming out. It looks great on most people, but I tend to gravitate to the canary yellow (which some people cannot pull off if they’re olive-skinned).

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