February 15: Kendi Everyday


Lovely Valentine’s Day outfit

I may be so late in discovering this blog, but I love Kendi Everyday. I say I’m late because apparently GAP has discovered her recently. Kendi Everyday is a daily style blog that you can appreciate whether you’re rather casual (like me) or always on the lookout for fresh and sophisticated style. One thing I love is that she labels where she found each clothing item/accessory.

There is something so Millennial about Kendi’s style. Looking through the outfit shots, I see hints of inspiration from the last few decades: 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and yes, even the 90s. The combination of these eclectic details are always fresh, and always elegant.

Like all Millennials, Kendi is looking to the past and selecting the influences we’re taking with us to the future, and putting them together in a simple and elegant fashion.

IMO, Kendi Everyday is what a generation of pragmatic idealists looks like.


Also, in true Millennial fashion, she’s nostalgic about her childhood (as am I). Minus the stars and stripes, I’m sure I have a 6th grade portrait pretty similar to this.

Check it out ladies (and gents) if you’re so inclined: www.kendieveryday.com

day2day copy

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