January 30: 100 Days of Real Food

I’ve heard rumors that Millennials are struggling to reach adulthood. One of those milestones is knowing how to cook for yourself, and with Millennials not being immune to the obesity epidemic in the US, I have a great solution for first-time cooks.

I discovered 100DaysofRealFood.com through Facebook a couple years ago. It is a blog by Lisa Leake about how to make REAL food, completely unprocessed, and organic. The recipe index is extensive on her blog. It’s not diet food, as much as clean eating. Lisa Leake has been featured on The Today Show, New York Times, Rachael Ray Show, among others, and is soon coming out with a cookbook.

Whole Wheat Waffles. Courtesy of 100daysofrealfood.com.

My favorite Recipes:

Refried Beans: you can freeze this in several ziploc bags, and it makes 4-5 meals for my family. They are delicious. I haven’t bought canned refried beans since finding this recipe.

Waffles: I make 4-8 of these at a time, and then freeze them. I pop them in the toaster.

Homemade Larabars: If you love Medjool Dates, this recipe is a must. There are a few variations of one recipe, and very few ingredients.

Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce: Super yummy, and very few ingredients. There are other varieties of this recipe for meat lovers.

Most of the recipes are very easy and take few ingredients. Others require kitchen appliances you may not have as a young adult, such as a stand mixer.

Millennials, if you’re going to get started on cooking for yourself, this is a great start! If you’re already an experienced cook, or just starting out I highly recommend checking out this blog. Whether you need to ‘clean up’ your cooking habits, or have no idea what you’re doing (like me when I was 21) this a great way to get a handle on your food.


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