January 23: Teavana

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My husband bought me a gift card to Teavana this Christmas because I always drank like 4 samples of tea whenever we passed buy the store in the mall. I used it on the 75% off sale they had back in December and I’ve been hooked on Teavana tea since! My lovely sister also bought me a travel mug with a tea infuser, so I was excited to get started on my tea drinking.

Here is what I bought at Teavana:

Pineapple Kona Pop herbal tea, My Morning Mate, and Orange Blossom herbal tea, three tea tins, and German Rock Sugar. YUM.


Anyway check out Teavana if you haven’t already. Is tea drinking a Millennial thing? I’m wondering if it could be. So much variety that it could keep you busy for years.

P.S. this section is post is part of a new category called day to day. It’s dedicated to random things I like or random things I’m doing as a Millennial.day2day copy

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