Thrisis: How millennials will handle turning 30

20-somethings — get ready for a ‘thrisis’ is about the struggle for adulthood, and the pressure to have it all by the time you’re thirty.

In many ways I’m ahead of the ambiguous curve that defines my generation: three years married, and expecting my first child at the age of twenty-six. I already had my “Quarter Life Crisis” – my teenage years seemed to evaporate suddenly, and I was left with the feeling that I was not yet an adult. I felt like I should try to delay adulthood, but wasn’t really sure why. The same sentiments are repeated on the website People who were sick of the bar scene, switching roommates every year, or working as a barista. There was a sense of wanting more established, but not having permission to let go of the teen years.

Some Millennials will have a ‘thrisis’ but I think some Milleninials will enjoy turning the big 3-0 because of the pressure that has been created in the wake of previous generations to stall adulthood. Of course, aging (or in this case, just growing up) is a universal struggle that is usually accompanied with anxiety about what the future holds, and reflection on the road traveled thus far.

growing up copyBut with all the challenges facing my generation that keeps them from reaching traditional milestones, turning thirty may be a welcome wake-up call. It may be a sobering reminder that maybe it’s time to move out of mom and dad’s house. For some, it may be approaching an employer about taking on more responsibility at work, or switching to a more challenging job. It may be seriously deciding if you would like to start a family, and committing to a long-time significant other.

Whatever the milestone may be, I think turning thirty will be an excuse to shed some of the fears of letting go of adolescence, and realizing that life goes on after thirty.

It’s a chance to at least try and grow up, which is what Millinnials secretly want.

What are your thoughts on turning thirty?

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