GenX: The Ignored Generation?

Gen-X: The Ignored Generation?

I’m just picking on GenXers. Well, just Jeff Gordinier. Actually let me be clear, I love GenX. I’m even married to a GenXer ❤

This TIME Magazine article is about Jeff Gordinier, the author of X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking. As a Millennial, naturally I disagree with some of what he says about my generation.

Gordinier: “If the Gen-Xers were like ‘No, I’m not in it for the money,’ millennials rebelled against that and are completely greedy.”

I think it’s ironic that a GenXer, especially one who came of age in the 80s, is accusing Millennials of consumerism. OMG!!! The oldest of us are coming of age during the biggest financial melt-down, and housing bust in American history. I’m part of a generation that rents from their parents’ house just to survive and are crippled by student loans. I know many people my age working three jobs, and I have ‘liked’ many statuses on Facebook of people sharing that they’ve finally found a job. Many of the jobs they find are retail, and many of those friends have their bachelor’s or even Master’s degrees. I’ve also ‘liked’ statuses of other moms my age who have quit full-time jobs to spend more time with their baby, despite the financial strain.

I’m sorry to hear that Lindsay/Paris/Britney are the Millennial poster-children, since Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears are GenXers. Both claim the last year of GenX-dom, 1981, while Millennials came on the scene in 1982, according to most sources. I’m an old Millennial, so I remember the rise of Britney Spears in my early high school years, but the biggest ‘influence’ she has had on Millennials is her melt-down in the mid 2000s.

ignoredI don’t buy Gordinier’s version of Millennials: shallow, clueless, greedy. It’s hard to retain those qualities as a generation when, for many, their wildest dreams include finding employment. Not being all BFF with Nicole Richie & Friends. We get the whole “samsara” thing.. beyond annoying tabloids following celebrity dysfunction. Unemployment is still rising? I need to find a new job? Another devastating natural disaster? My house is still dropping in value? Seriously. I admit that I understand some of entitlement thing, but life will stomp that out of us soon enough.

So, as Gordinier puts it, GenX can ‘save the world from sucking’ but understand Millennials are not ignoring you, we’re just busy figuring out how to actually save the world, period.

3 thoughts on “GenX: The Ignored Generation?

  1. Thanks for the post. Just wanted to note that Nielson uses 1977 as the starting birth year for millennials, and Pew Research uses 1980. By current research standards, Britney & Paris are actually millennials (no matter how much we wish they weren’t).

    • I went with Howe & Strauss start date of 1982, to add some doubt to the claim that Spears and Hilton are typical of Millennials. Hopefully that debunks some claims about Millennials since they don’t represent them as a whole. Hmm, my husband was born in 1979 which means I am actually not married to a GenXer, but a Millennial. This changes everything.

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